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Shimon Raisman & Co Law Firm was established on 1973. The Office provides legal services in a wide variety of fields faithfully representing clients from Israel as well as abroad, both in litigation and other matters, while paying attention to the professional and the personal aspect.

The Firm has a broad experience of over 30 years in all civil-commercial law fields and it offers legal services in all aspects of the commercial-civil law, while focusing on several fields of specialty (which in part are the specific expertise of any of the lawyers) as follows:

Litigation: Representing clients in all fields of law.

Commercial real estate: Real estate and realty transactions, planning and construction laws, demolition orders, preparing and representing in front of the various planning committees.

Execution law: Monetary claims and execution, receivership, bankruptcies.

Labor law: Labour laws, life insurance and pension.

Family law: Inheritances, wills and estates.

Administrative law: Municipalities, local authorities.

Commercial law: Corporate laws and current legal representation of commercial bodies, including banks.

Private real estate: Contractor-Tenant relationships - representing purchasers of apartments from contractors, claims of construction defects, purchase agreements, lease agreements and so on.

Corporate law: Corporations, liquidations, receiverships and bankruptcies.

The Firm has extensive and proven experience, which includes representing large corporations in the fields of credit and others, representing developers and accompanying them along projects - from the contractual stage, through the planning till registration of rights, as well as representing and handling private entities.

In addition to lawyers, the office uses the services of various professionals, including: claims and execution department, execution contractors, officials of court and of other bodies, accountants, secretaries, interns and messengers.

Adv. Shimon Raisman, with an experience of over 30 years in practicing law, believes in thorough work, persistence and efficiency, and manages the offices in this spirit, which has proven itself and has led to maximal results in all aspects of the Firm's work.

We believe in legal excellence, efficiency and fairness, all based on the acquired and proven experience.


About Us  •  Fields Of Expertise  •  Notary Services  •  Contact Us

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