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Real estate - Realty:

Real estate and realty transactions:
Our office has rich experience in all types of "basic transactions" in real estate, including: combination transactions, proceeds transactions, group purchases and naturally, cash transactions.
Our office accompanies private entrepreneurs, contracting companies, or entrepreneurship companies throughout the transaction, starting in the examination stage, through the negotiations and naturally, also after signing the agreement.
Real estate transactions require vast knowledge and extensive experience in the field. Adv. Raisman has an experience of 30 years in the real estate field, with all the various types of transactions.

Accompanying purchases of apartments from contractors -
For over 30 years, our office has been representing purchasers of apartments from contractors in all parts of the country, and in all types of transactions.
Purchasing an apartment from a contractor is essencially different from purchasing an apartment which is built and finished.
In most cases, contracts on which purchasers of apartments from contractors are required to sign are long, complicated and require thorough reading and understanding in order to provide the best answer for the purchasers.
During the negotiation, and as a part of the legal examination, various complex legal issues need to be dealt with, including: examining the basic transaction according to which the contractor purchased the rights he sells to the purchaser of the apartment, construction permits, linkage to indexes, guarantees of all types, taxes, levies and fees, date of registering the apartment in the various registrars, various dates for late delivery and the consideration received from the contractor in unjustified cases, mortgages, compensations and many other issues.
Our office accompanies the purchasers of the apartment from the negotiation stage, through signing the agreement, and building the project and even after receiving the apartment.

We believe that experience, professionalism and devotion are the main factors with which we can provide service and handle the purchasing of an apartment from the contractor, from all its aspects.

** In light of many cases of bankruptcies in the real estate field in recent years, our office has accompanied groups of purchasers of apartments from contractors who collapsed. Our office has accumulated rich experience in accompanying the purchasers and exercising their rights in their entirety, while minimizing the injury to the apartment purchasers, until receiving the apartment.

The knowledge and experience we have give us an advantage in seeing the whole picture already in the early stages of the transaction and it has taught us where we need to focus, so that the purchasers of the apartments will be in the optimal position, even when there may be a confrontation with a contractor who faces difficulties himself.

Accompanying the purchaser/seller of an apartment (second hand) -
Purchasing - selling an apartment which is built and registered in one of the registrars may seem a simple transaction.
In light of our rich experience in this field, we are capable of providing answers for many quaestions, which may prevent problems and complications in later stages of the transaction.
Accompanying the transaction is made while paying special attention to the aspects of taxes and various levies, to dates and payments, to guidance and handling problems which may arise in any of the transaction stages, examining in the relevant registry, and drafting a "good" agreement, which will lead to the transfer of the asset from the seller to the purchaser in actuality and in the registrars.

Our success is the success of the transaction. A transaction which is not good for one of the parties will lead to a failure!

Lease -
Renting an apartment/office/lot is a more common transaction and some of us may "encounter" a lease transaction more often than others. Together with the low amounts involved, relative to a real estate transaction, it is possible to notice that many people are not in a hurry to consult a professional before signing a lease agreement, of any kind.
Preliminary legal counsel prevents many problems at a later stage!
We represent and accompany tenants/lessors all through the transaction and we know what are the main issues requiring attention and handling in the lease agreement, thus we prevent problems at a later stage, and we produce tools for solving the problems already at the lease agreement stage.

National Planning Scheme 31 (NPS 31)(national Planning Scheme for Strengthening Existing Buildings against Earthquakes
The office specializes in accompanying transactions for the exercising of NPS 31, and in light of its involvement in the transactions signed, the office constitutes one of the leading legal bodies in this field.
According to the Scheme - the holders of rights (usually - the owners of the apartments in a condominium) are given a permit to build additional apartments on the roof of the building, after strengthening the building against earthquakes.
The permit is given to existing buildings which were not built according to Standard 413, in order to improve their resistance against earthquakes.
The Scheme also applies to existing buildings, the building permit of which was issued before January 1, 1980, or for buildings which were built after the date mentioned, but not according to Standard 413.
Raisman office is proud to be one of the first offices to accompany a transaction for the exercising of NPS 38, as from the negotiation stage, and until after signing the selling of the rights of the apartment owners in a condominium to a contractor, for the purpose of exercising NPS 38.

Other issues which our office handles:
Construction and planning laws, demolition orders, including preparing Urban Planning Scheme and appearing before the various planning committees, claims of construction defects, and so on.

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Monetary claims and Execution
Our office handles monetary claims as well as filing bills and cheques to the Execution Office for the collection of debts.
In this matter our office has a special department for monetary claims and execution, which is naturally backed by lawyers, and which operates by a computerized link to the Execution Office in the various courts. This lowers the handling costs and the duration of time until the collection of the debt.
Our office represents banks, insurance companies and leading companies in the economy, and provides them with ongoing and exclusive treatment for 30 years in these fields.

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Labour laws, life insurance and pension
Our office has extensive experience in representing employers, as well as in representing employees, accompanying claims, wage agreements, labour agreements, appearing in court and more.

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Inheritances, wills and estates

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Municipalities and local authorities

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Company laws and current legal representation for commercial bodies, including banks
Our office has rich experience in opening and closing companies, accompanying companies in current issues, providing legal counseling in the various procedures and providing current treatment throughout the existance of the company.

Corporations, liquidations, receiverships and bankruptcies

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