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Adv. Shimon Raisman is a notary as from 1978.
The office provides notary services in Hebrew, English, Rumanian and other languages.

The notary services provided by the office are: A signature verification before a notary, a notary power of attorney (e.g. the irrevocable power of attorney on which those taking mortgages are required to sign before a notary), irrevocable power of attorney, other signature verifications, notary wills, notary translation (e.g. verification of the translation of various certificates, such as: marriage certificate, divorce certificate, extract from the census registration, certificate of good character, matriculation certificate, and more), confirmation of copies, financial agreement approvals, and more.
Power of Attorney
Capital agreement

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General information:

Who is a notary?

A notary is a lawyer who, according to the law, may verify, confirm, testify and draft legal documents.

Why is a notary signature required on documents?

The Court, or any other authority examining a document signed by a notary consider the document an original, or the person signing the document doing so of his own free will.

Who requires various notary confirmations?

Various bodies, such as banks, or official institutions require various documents served to them to be signed by a notary.

What is an Apostille?

In order to get legal validity for various documents, including notary documents, even in foreign countries, there is a long legal procedure which includes the confirmation of several bodies (including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice).
For this reason a treaty was signed in Hague between several countries (including Israel) which states that the countries signed on the treaty will be able to put an official stamp and thus shorten the bureaucratic procedures.

** our office is located on 21 Haarbaa st. in Tel-Aviv, and enjoys easy and convenient access.

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